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Bearly Art - Blendable Alcohol Inks - The Classic

The story behind the names is based on a concept of representing positive moods and character traits we hope all of our crafters will embody while using them in their crafts.  With this fantastic colourful set of alcohol inks, you can add a burst of colours to any project. Mixing the inks also creates endless possible combinations to showcase your creativity.
The Blending Solution can act as a base as well as lighten, rehydrate, and blend colours in this palette of alcohol inks. 

The Classic Collection includes 12 Colourful Colours:
Passion Red, Heroic Orange, Joyful Yellow, Soothing Green, Calming Blue, Noble Purple, Polar White, Blending Solution, Playful Pink, Tranquil Teal, Grizzly Brown, and Mysterious Black


  • 0.5 fl oz (15 ml) Bottles
  • Acid-free
  • Nozzle Tops

Bearly Art Blendable Alcohol Inks are designed to provide you with an array of vibrant highly saturated inks that mix well to make the perfect colour every time.
Bringing colour theory into the versatile world of alcohol inks allows you to get the creative edge on your project.

They have been specially formulated to easily clean up with alcohol. Unlike water-based inks, these alcohol inks are able to achieve unique effects by blending different colours together by layering.

These inks dry quickly and seamlessly blend together to create beautiful works of art. Alcohol inks can be used on most non-porous surfaces like stone, resin, dominoes, glass, ceramic, glossy paper, and more.

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